Holiday Books


 Secrets in the Attic by Carol Beach York

Reviewed by James Ebersole

Tone: Bittersweet, Feel-good

Pace: Relaxed

Secrets in the Attic is a heartwarming write. Jodie shows the family what it means to have the Christmas spirit. When reading this book, you will not want to put the book down. There are many thought-provoking incidents throughout this book. As Jodie goes to her Aunt’s house, she realizes something is missing. When she gets there and goes to the attic, something is there that has not always been there. What she finds is a peaceful aspect to herself which brings her whole family closer for the Christmas season. This book was told in a relaxed pace. It did not jump around. Carol Beach York introduced the characters in a well manner. This book is for a younger group of people, grades 3-6. Jodie is a great character that can relate to many students as she shares many similarities for a young girl.


Thank you for Thanksgiving by Dandi Daley Mackall

Reviewed by Marcia Zhinin

Storyline: character-driven
Pace: Fast-paced
Tone – Moving, Feel-good

This story is not too wordy, but its illustrations will grab the children’s attention. A family celebration of Thanksgiving from meal preparations to arrival of family members, the children will recognize the flurry of the activity that later turns to a thoughtful, calm environment when every member of the family is seated at the table and each says for what they are thankful.


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