Fast Is Not A Lady Bug  by Mariam Schlein

Reviewed By: Samantha Kurtzke

Tone: Upbeat

Pace: Both Fast and Relaxed Pace

Storyline: Plot-Driven

In this story the author shows the reader all of the different ways that they can be both fast and slow. This story describes the difference between fast and slow. It shows that a person can run fast, but a dog runs faster, and a horse runs faster than a dog. But that even though the horse runs faster than both the person and the dog, in their own ways the person and dogs are both fast. It shows how things can be good when their done fast but other things, such as growing, is best when it is done slowly. This story is a great read aloud and encourages a conversation when they are finished reading the story about what kind of things go fast and which go slow.

My first big talkabout book  by Harry Wingfield

Reviewed by: Megan Burns

Tone: Reflective
Pace: Fast-Paced
Storyline: Action-Packed
Writing Style: descriptive

My first big talkabout book is an interesting and a very excellent illustration also a great read aloud book. This book has many pictures and will help you learn about all different materials you need to know. The author did a great job on putting this book together because it helps you so much with your shapes, colors, numbers, and so much more. The author definitely got his point across and this will definitely be a helpful book to little kids and make them learn a lot better today in the world.


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