November 2014 – Mrs. Tween’s Class


Goodnight Owl by Pat Hutchins

I am NOT Sleepy and I will NOT Go to Bed by Lauren Child


The kids drew bedtime stories in pajama-shaped booklets. They were asked to thank their family members for reading every night by sharing their new stories at bedtime.


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  1. My class thoroughly enjoyed the storytime! The books were appropriate and well-chosen. Good Night Owl was engaging for all the children as they made all the sounds of the animals to help tell the story and Charlie & Lola were terrifically funny in I Am Not Sleepy And I Will Not Go To Bed! The craft was fantastic as it made a personal connection for each of them. The storytellers and Rebecca helped the children when they wanted to write words and helped them with illustrations. It was also a nice touch to have the students “Make sure to say thank you to whoever reads to you at home at bedtime. Tell them you would like to read to them tonight and read them the book that you made today.” All around, an excellent job was done by the Concordia students!

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